Short Saturday: 9 Astonishing Facts …

…about Amazon. Right now, Amazon is playing a spoiler role in “my” industry: the production and retailing of books. So even though that new Amazon distribution center they’re planning for my county will bring much-needed jobs, I’m still a bit cranky about it.

And yet … I was an early Amazon adopter. What’s not to love about ordering a book (from among a gazillion possibilities) and having it show up a few days later (and even with shipping added, cheaper than the local bookstore)? I particularly love searching for exactly the right book on Amazon, using the “Customers who bought this item also bought” feature. I own a Kindle, too, and use it. I use Amazon regularly just to check spellings of titles and authors’ names for books I’m working on.

Nonetheless, I thought this was interesting, this little graphic about Amazon that Mike Hyatt found and posted recently. Check it out.

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  1. Michelle Ule says:

    I couldn’t do my job without Amazon, but one of my colleagues is convinced Amazon is going to take over the world.