Short Saturday: Bad Writing Advice!

Funny, lately we’ve been talking about where to get writing help—from editors, from writing groups, and so on—and also the need to take it all on board cautiously. And then I stumble on this fantastic article from author Anne R. Allen about bad writing advice.

She reminds us:

It’s good to be aware that not all the advice you’ll hear will be useful. … Even worse than know-nothings are the know-somethings who turn every bit of advice they’ve ever heard into a “rule” as ironclad and immutable as an algebraic formula.

Sounds like the Secret Fiction Rule Book, doesn’t it? And as I’ve noted, there is no formula, there is no rule book; even Your Editor is just going on instinct, impression, and, well, some years of experience. But still.

Read the whole article. It’s snappy and smart. There are even some points on the list we’ve discussed here in our little group. :) When you’re done, throw out that rule book and get back to writing!

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  1. Bates says:

    I remember in a story structure craft workshop, a certain professor telling us to read/take in the wisdom in “The Art of Dramatic Writing,” the textbook, then never read it again. I love this post.