Short Saturday: Famous Writers Who Got Rejection Letters

If you’re a writer, you’ve gotten a rejection letter or three. Sure, most of the time you take it in stride. You say, “I’m just closer to my yes” or “My odds are better now.” In fact, you may feel you’re very close because you’ve gotten a “good rejection”—instead of a form letter, the agent or editor took time to respond with a personal note.

Sometimes, though, you remind yourself Kathryn Stockett’s novel The Help was rejected by sixty agents. And, kids, that works: misery loves company in more ways than one. You need some encouragement. So herewith a list of other famous authors who received rejection letters. But wait, there’s more! Harsh rejection letters, that is. And for a Twitter feed of rejection, follow @PharosPub. Enjoy!

Tweet: Misery loves company: lots of great writers have gotten the dreaded rejection letter.

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