Short Saturday: Thought for Food

We’ve been talking a lot lately about thinking in pictures as opposed to thinking in words. I tend to do the latter, and as a result on these short Saturdays I often point you to a link with words. Today, though, some interesting pictures:

In 2010, for an installation in a forested area at the Jardin de la Connaissance in Quebec, artist Rodney LaTourelle and landscape architect Thilo Folkerts of 100 Landschaftsarchitektur collaborated to create Garden of Cognition, a temporary garden space using approximately 40,000 discarded books stacked to form walls, benches, and carpets.

(Here are some photos taken when the installation was new. This site has a 2013 update, and a lot of photos.)

I think it’s pretty cool. Food for thought, literally. :) Enjoy!

UPDATE: There’s more on this subject here.

Tweet: An ephemeral garden of decomposing books.
Tweet: Do you think in pictures or words? Here are pictures to make you think.

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  1. Cindy Phiffer says:

    I guess I think in words and images. I consider myself a visual learner. Things I see stay with me much longer than things I hear. Words that I can see (written words) and words that I write down (both creative writing and taking notes) are far more likely to be remembered than spoken words. When repeating something I’ve heard, I often hear myself saying things like “She said something about suffering being a learning experience,” rather than “She said, ‘Suffering provides an opportunity for learning.'” That’s my quick take on the words/images topic, and thanks for the cool link. I loved the book garden and the “CD Sea” as well.