#WordUse Series:
Merry Melancholy Christmas

On Christmas Eve last year, I was alone in the house, awaiting my son’s arrival from out of town the next morning. It was a quiet—but happily anticipatory—time. When I posted a comment on Facebook—

A little melancholy tonight … but my heart is full. I am blessed in so, so many ways. Merry Christmas, friends.

—I soon realized my friends didn’t grok what I was feeling at all.

Now, I know what the dictionary says:

• depressed in spirits : dejected, gloomy, dismal, mournful, sad

• suggestive or expressive of melancholy or dejection : depressing

• producing sadness : causing dejection : lamentable, afflicting

• seriously thoughtful or meditative : pensive

• favorable to meditation : somber

But I meant melancholy not in the dejected sense but in the thoughtfulmeditative sense. PensiveContemplativeReflective.

It should be noted, then, that “a little melancholy” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s equal parts nostalgia and fond memories and perhaps a little bit of unknowing … but also contains elements of peace and contentment and quietness too. (Also exhaustion, but that’s another story.)

Here’s wishing you a little melancholy too. It’s rather nice. :)

Tweet: Melancholy contains elements of peace and contentment and quietness too.
Tweet: I meant melancholy not in the dejected sense but in the thoughtfulmeditative sense.

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