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Short Saturday: Does Print Beat Screen?

I’ve written about the relative virtues of paper books and e-readers, and have worked out how each works best for me. But I’m still interested in the research. In this article from the Financial Times, writer Julian Baggini asks, “Which do our brains prefer? Research is forcing us to rethink how we respond to the written […]

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Earlier this summer I was sitting on the deck in the growing dusk after supper listening to the Boy talk with his cousins (my niece and her husband, let’s call them Suze and Sam) about social media. Suze is hovering around age forty; she recently left academia—where she eschewed social media—and has a consulting business. […]

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Short Saturday: The Art of Key Words

If you’re an author, you’ve probably been asked to provide your publisher’s marketing folks with a list of keywords for your latest novel. If you’re me, you’ve been given that “product packet” and asked to provide yet more keywords, preferably better ones, when you’re writing the cover copy for said book. When the Internet was […]

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Short Saturday: E-Books Have Changed Readers—and Writers

As you probably know, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with electronic reading. I always swore I wouldn’t do it—until I did. Still, as time went on, I learned what I preferred to e-read, what I did not. I also learned there are differences in the way we interact with books and screens. […]

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Study This: At the Movies

I read recently that John Harrington, in his book Film And/Is Art, estimated that a third of all movies ever made have been adapted from novels; another writer claims that 51 percent of the top 2,000 films of the last 20 years were adaptations (from novels, short stories, or stage plays). And the most common […]

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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Several months ago I was listening to this NPR interview with Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, married singer-songwriters who form the core of the folk band Over the Rhine, and I was caught by what Karin says about inspiration: Whenever I get to this spot where this tupelo tree stands, I get some kind of […]

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No More Missus Nice Gal

Is this “the free market at work”? Mike Hyatt—whom I admire—has always been an early adopter of technology and a keen observer of the publishing marketplace. I look to him regularly for ideas and inspiration. However, in one of his blog posts he touted crowd-sourcing the design of book covers: designers submit comps (samples) on […]

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Short Saturday: Long Live the Book

We’ve been talking about e-books, most recently this week in “Book Marketing in the Digital Age” (but also here and here, for starters) … but to my mind they’re still just books. Words. Reading. This article from the New York Times points out that some folks had other, bigger ideas for e-books: Social Books, which […]

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Short Saturday: “Every Line Has to Argue For Its Existence”

Time magazine recently ran an article called “Sting’s Shipyard Serenade”* that I thought had an interesting line. Here’s the set-up: As the superstar front man of the Police, Sting wrote nearly every song on the band’s five hit albums from 1978 to 1983. For the next two decades, as a solo artist, he issued seven […]

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Reading: It Does a Mind Good (An Update*)

It’s still summer—hot enough for y’all?—and I’m still working on some fantastic new blog posts. In the meantime, I want to revisit my archives and bring some new information to your attention. Let’s get started, shall we? ✱ Digital reading This is a topic that’s going to become hotter and hotter as the data begins […]

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