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Short Saturday: Why You Can’t Find an Agent

There’s always something good going on over at Jane Friedman’s blog, and in case you missed it, here’s an excellent guest post about how you might be sabotaging your manuscript. Aside from the number-one reason—the book is bad—the author lists three reasons why your manuscript might be having trouble finding a home. Here’s a little […]

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Short Saturday: The Book Is the Thing

Since the beginning of this year, publishing thought leader Jane Friedman has offered an interview series called 5 On. Each discussion is conducted by author Chris Jane, who “asks established, traditionally published authors and experienced self-published authors five questions about writing and five questions about their experiences with the publishing industry.” These 5 On articles […]

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The One That Got Away While I Was Sipping Lemonade

This happens to me three or four times a year: I get an email referral from an agent, or someone at a publishing house, or another author I’ve worked with for a job that I would really, really love to have. Sometimes that’s because the publisher is one I haven’t worked with before, sometimes it’s […]

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Short Saturday: An Agent’s List Is Never Full

We’ve been talking about literary agents this week—what they do, what they don’t do—and my friends at Books & Such Literary Management can tell you a lot more about that than I can. In this post, Janet Grant lets us in on a secret: in spite of what you may think, an agent’s list is […]

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You, Me, and Literary Agents

Some time ago I got an email from an unsigned author I’d worked with years before: I would like to hire you to look over my much-fretted-over query and synopsis and give me your feedback. Also, I would like you to critique the first five pages of the manuscript since this is what many agents […]

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Finding Your Genre: An Epiphany

In my ongoing Read Play Edit Rehabilitation Program, let me introduce my friend Christa Allan, writing about the importance of identifying your genre in a post repurposed from her own blog. Finding Your Genre: An Epiphany If you’re not from New Orleans and you find yourself plopped in the Big Easy one day, it’s likely […]

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Short Saturday: Not This One

There are days when I think I should send you all on over to the Books & Such blog and just close up shop. Because, honestly, they’ve got great content and they’re all smarter than me. But … I kinda dig my blog. :) So I’ll just keep bringing these posts to your attention. In […]

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The Book Selling Biz (The Last Update*)

Perhaps it’s because Amazon is refusing to sell certain traditionally published books and those authors are feeling the pinch, or perhaps it’s just a lot of self-published authors truly realizing how much work it is to market a book—but the air seems full of interesting commentary on selling books. No matter which route to publication […]

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More #WriteTips for Beginners (An Update*)

While you’ve been at the beach this summer, I’ve been up here in the swanky second-floor office in the pink house with the recently painted green door, catching up on blog post writing and reminding you about important posts from my archives. This week we’re discussing things every writer needs to know. Sometimes you learn […]

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Short Saturday: The Power of a Novel

I remember reading about the fatwa (Islamic legal opinion; in this case, a death sentence) levied against Salman Rushdie when his fourth book, The Satanic Verses, was published in 1988 in Britain. For a novel? I thought. It was shocking. (In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t read it; even then I was pretty […]

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