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Short Saturday: Don’t Worry about Piracy

Are you worried about someone pirating your work and selling it as his own? Plagiarism exists, for real. But I think this article—a guest post on the brilliant Joanna Penn’s website, The Creative Penn—has a great point: The biggest challenge facing a new author isn’t piracy; it’s obscurity. Think about it. Imagine a genie appears […]

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A Teachable Spirit

A couple-three years ago, I had lunch with an author friend who was in town for a conference. She is a speaker who often counsels beginning writers about craft and process, and that day we were discussing the finer points of teaching/editing grownups. “It’s all about having a teachable spirit,” she said. “You should write […]

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Editor Fear

A couple years ago my vet struck up a conversation with me while she was examining my cat. (Bean, for those of you who know my pets.) What do you do? she asked. I always enjoy this question, for a variety of reasons. First, I love what I do and enjoy talking about it, but […]

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Short Saturday: Comments Authors Like to Hear

Do you love to go to book fests and fairs and meet your favorite authors? I know I do. Now that I’ve been editing for some years, I’ve actually been fortunate enough to hang out with authors whose work I admire. One of those is Sarah Loudin Thomas, the author of about the sort of […]

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Short Saturday: Editors Will Never Go Out of Style

It’s a mark of how little things change that I can go back to a list of links I set aside to write about here, find two that are nearly three years old—and they are still timely. Why? Because folks are still confused or mistaken about how to get where they want to go in […]

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Short Saturday: The Fiction Author’s Dilemma

I’ve been following Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog for some years. It’s almost been like watching her “grow up” right in front of me—from a sweet, sassy, opinionated self-taught self-publisher to a woman who’s gone back to college and finally attained her dream of being traditionally published. The blog—indeed, the whole website—has changed (not in a […]

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Short Saturday: Why I Stopped Reading Your Book

Like author Chuck Wendig, I’ve gotten a whole lot pickier about what I read and how much time I give it before I stop. “For one,” he says, “it’s time.” Work and time and personal responsibilities all intrude. But also, he says, “I’m like a stage magician where it’s harder to fool me with your […]

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The Library and the Intellectual Life

An intellectual life often forms in the strangest, most infertile of conditions. The deep forests of those isolated [army] bases became the kingdom that I took ownership of as a child. I followed the minnow-laced streams as they made their cutting way toward the Trent River. Each time in the woods I brought my nature-obsessed […]

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Pay No Attention to the Reviewer Behind the Curtain …

Book reviews and book reviewers don’t require any appearances or performances from the author (unless, like Norman Mailer, you show up at newspaper offices to pick a fight with the book review editor—how many of those are left now?). But reviews definitely contribute to an author’s public image. Sometimes even a well-intended review will corral […]

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Following Your Own Path

In the eyes of others you have something called a Career. Certain people, should you be lucky enough to have them, like your agent or your editor, will hasten to tell you that what you need now for that career is another novel or another book of the same kind of poems that everyone loved […]

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