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Short Saturday: Your Children’s Intellectual Life at Stake

You’ve heard me say this before: I grew up in a home filled with books and magazines, music and musical instruments. I have known from my youth that exposure to this made a huge difference in my intellectual life. (That I cared about having an intellectual life at all I owe to my parents too.) […]

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Short Saturday: Does Print Beat Screen?

I’ve written about the relative virtues of paper books and e-readers, and have worked out how each works best for me. But I’m still interested in the research. In this article from the Financial Times, writer Julian Baggini asks, “Which do our brains prefer? Research is forcing us to rethink how we respond to the written […]

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Short Saturday: E-Books Have Changed Readers—and Writers

As you probably know, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with electronic reading. I always swore I wouldn’t do it—until I did. Still, as time went on, I learned what I preferred to e-read, what I did not. I also learned there are differences in the way we interact with books and screens. […]

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Short Saturday: Long Live the Book

We’ve been talking about e-books, most recently this week in “Book Marketing in the Digital Age” (but also here and here, for starters) … but to my mind they’re still just books. Words. Reading. This article from the New York Times points out that some folks had other, bigger ideas for e-books: Social Books, which […]

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Book Marketing in the Digital Age

The other day my friend Christy O’Flaherty posted a link to a roundtable discussion about print books versus e-books and started one of her own. As you know, I’ve given up the debate: I like my e-reader for certain very specific activities—traveling, waiting in lines, walking on the treadmill—and pretty much only for fiction. I […]

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Reading: It Does a Mind Good (An Update*)

It’s still summer—hot enough for y’all?—and I’m still working on some fantastic new blog posts. In the meantime, I want to revisit my archives and bring some new information to your attention. Let’s get started, shall we? ✱ Digital reading This is a topic that’s going to become hotter and hotter as the data begins […]

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It’s Awfully Grey in Here (An Update)

The Amazon/Hachette negotiations have reached critical mass, it seems. Lots of folks are talking about it now—which is good, in my opinion. Since (and even before) my Monday post about the Amazon /Hachette contract negotiation, I’ve had many interesting discussions about the situation, as I’m certain Chip MacGregor did after his posts. He’s now published […]

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Amazon vs. Hachette Is Really Amazon vs. You

A lot of my friends are in the book biz so we’ve been talking for a few weeks now about what’s going on between Amazon and Hachette (one of the Big Five publishers—think Little, Brown and Company; Hyperion Books; Grand Central Publishing, which is the former Warner Books). To wit: it’s time to renegotiate the […]

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Short Saturday: What About Self-Publishing?

I often read an article and think, Hmmm, that’s good; my peeps would like this. So I put it in my Short Saturday file to save for next week. Or the next week, or the next. Because I come across a lot of interesting, informative articles. Sometimes it’s a long time before you see it. […]

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It’s Always Something*

I got an inquiry through my website a while back from a writer who said he’d self-published but it had “become apparent” he needed an editor. (The e-book had been available on Amazon for about two years.) The absolute first question that crossed my mind was, Why are you only just now thinking about editing? That’s interesting, […]

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