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Let’s Talk (Again) About Plagiarism

Me, I’m an editor. And a writer. I’ve been earning a portion of my living as a writer for decades. I’ve been a self-employed editor for more than twelve years. I have a lot of friends who are editors or writers. So when, back in January, Monica Crowley—an author and television personality—was forced to withdraw […]

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Will This Fit on My About Page? (#MeetTheEditor Series)

I really enjoy About pages. They’re interesting, don’t you think? What folks choose to reveal, what they don’t. (Here are some I really like for various reasons: Fluid Pudding, Jenny B. Jones, Jane Friedman, Jennifer Loudin. I could go on and on.) But part of me thinks it’s insane to think people would read this […]

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A Teachable Spirit

A couple-three years ago, I had lunch with an author friend who was in town for a conference. She is a speaker who often counsels beginning writers about craft and process, and that day we were discussing the finer points of teaching/editing grownups. “It’s all about having a teachable spirit,” she said. “You should write […]

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Editor Fear

A couple years ago my vet struck up a conversation with me while she was examining my cat. (Bean, for those of you who know my pets.) What do you do? she asked. I always enjoy this question, for a variety of reasons. First, I love what I do and enjoy talking about it, but […]

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Short Saturday: Do You Need an Editor?

I love the way this article—from an indie author—on Jane Friedman’s blog begins: Do you need an editor? The answer is yes. The word is getting out, y’all. The article asks three key questions— 1 Do you need an editor? 2 When should you hand over your manuscript? 3 How do you find an editor? […]

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#WordUse Series: Dear Kroger
(Why You Need an Editor #5,278)

Sent in early December … Dear Kroger, Y’all spend a lot of money on these lovely multipage mailers with recipes and beautiful photography and coupons. (I have an idea about how much these things cost, what with the photo shoots and the graphic designers, the postage, and, oh, the copywriters. You have 2,400 stores in […]

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Short Saturday: Should You Hire a Professional Editor?

That answer’s always going to be yes of you ask me, of course. :) But publishing expert Jane Friedman has a more measured response in this article. :) “There are three primary reasons to hire a professional,” Friedman says: 1 The learning experience. 2 The industry advantage. 3 Submission preparation. All excellent reasons. But before […]

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Short Saturday: Editors Will Never Go Out of Style

It’s a mark of how little things change that I can go back to a list of links I set aside to write about here, find two that are nearly three years old—and they are still timely. Why? Because folks are still confused or mistaken about how to get where they want to go in […]

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Short Saturday: Yes, One Could Characterize the Publishing Industry As Insane

This article has been around for a while and you may not have seen it. Excerpted from My Mistake: A Memoir, by Daniel Menaker (2013), it’s a humorous recap of Menaker’s rise and fall in the biz we all love. (Right? We love it, don’t we?) Too much here to choose a telling excerpt so […]

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#WordUse Series:
Amazing, My Dear Watson

The word amazing is still way, way overused these days. She’s an amazing mother. That movie was amazing. It’s amazing that you can get up and do that every day. That clothing store is amazing. (A clothing store? Really? These are examples ripped from your editor’s own life and I assure you a clothing store […]

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