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#WhatImReadingNow: Stoner

Two weeks after that conversation Stoner received a memo from Lomax’s office which informed him that his schedule for the next semester was changed, that he would teach his old graduate seminar on the Latin Tradition and Renaissance Literature, a senior and graduate course in Middle English language and literature, a sophomore literature survey, and […]

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#WhatImReadingNow : Eligible

After the flurry of greetings, Liz found herself talking to Keith, who was congenial and, she quickly discovered, engaged to a woman finishing her medical residency in San Diego. By the time the chicken breasts had been grilled, and the potato salad, coleslaw, and rolls set out, Liz and Keith had covered the topics of […]

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Study This: The Fools Have It

I spent a good little chunk of time reading Richard Russo last summer. (You may or may not be aware that I’m a Russo fan. So much so that I may have just this second talked myself into rereading Empire Falls, which won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.) But we were talking about my […]

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#WhatImReadingNow : The Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson

Persimmon is the name my mama gave me, after the fruit she stole off a tree down in the woods while she was carrying me, and Wilson is the name of the man that last owned me. I don’t want to call that man master here, but for the pupose of making this easier to […]

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My Reading Year 2016

It’s that time again. Man, where did that year go? Ayaan Hirsi Ali / Infidel / NF Jo Ann Beard / In Zanesville / YA Martyn Bedford / Never Ending / YA Geraldine Brooks / March / LF Sheila Connolly / Buried in a Bog / GF (don’t waste your time) Pat Conroy / My […]

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Short Saturday: Fiction = Medicine

Well, well, well. At last (or at least, in 2013). Some smart folks at the University of Gothenburg ran a little study about women on sick leave reading fiction, according to Science Daily. The study shows that the reading relates to an outer, concrete reality and to an inner, more subjectively perceived experience. At a […]

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Short Saturday: Stammer Verbs

I love it when I find an article that gives me a name for something I’ve noticed in editing, but didn’t know what to call it. Such is the case when I read this article at Jane Friedman’s website: “2 Stammer Verbs to Avoid in Your Fiction.” What the heck is a stammer verb? Here […]

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Short Saturday: The Fiction Author’s Dilemma

I’ve been following Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog for some years. It’s almost been like watching her “grow up” right in front of me—from a sweet, sassy, opinionated self-taught self-publisher to a woman who’s gone back to college and finally attained her dream of being traditionally published. The blog—indeed, the whole website—has changed (not in a […]

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#WordUse Series:
Amazing, My Dear Watson

The word amazing is still way, way overused these days. She’s an amazing mother. That movie was amazing. It’s amazing that you can get up and do that every day. That clothing store is amazing. (A clothing store? Really? These are examples ripped from your editor’s own life and I assure you a clothing store […]

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Short Saturday: Write What You Know, Again

I wrote a version of my WWYK article a year ago, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, and I let it sit for months until I could find the time to think about it and tweak it until I was satisfied. And now that I’ve finally published it, there is a best-selling book out that […]

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