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Let’s Talk (Again) About Plagiarism

Me, I’m an editor. And a writer. I’ve been earning a portion of my living as a writer for decades. I’ve been a self-employed editor for more than twelve years. I have a lot of friends who are editors or writers. So when, back in January, Monica Crowley—an author and television personality—was forced to withdraw […]

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Short Saturday: Don’t Worry about Piracy

Are you worried about someone pirating your work and selling it as his own? Plagiarism exists, for real. But I think this article—a guest post on the brilliant Joanna Penn’s website, The Creative Penn—has a great point: The biggest challenge facing a new author isn’t piracy; it’s obscurity. Think about it. Imagine a genie appears […]

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Plagiarizing, A Quick Aside

Dear Author: If your sentence has the exact same structure as that sentence in WaPo, but you just change a word or two … it’s still pretty much plagiarizing. Just sayin’. No, really. Kindly, Your Editor No, really, y’all. This stuff is important. I know you’ve got a lot going on and I know your […]

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Short Saturday: Being Careful

A friend of mine wrote a book about something that happened to her—a true story. A memoir. She found a publisher for it. The book was given an ISBN number, a cover, edited, presented in the publisher’s spring catalogue and put up on all the major retailers’ sites … And then it wasn’t. The publisher […]

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Just Say No to an NDA

Here’s a little word problem for you (ahem): Janie is a reasonably successful freelance editor of fiction and nonfiction. She works with both publishers and independent clients, and has done so for eleven years. By day Johnny is an accountant but in his spare time he has been carefully crafting a first novel; it will […]

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The Generosity Theory

In every book there’s usually a note from the author—in publishing we call this the acknowledgments—and if you think editors don’t check to see if we’re mentioned there, you need to research a little more about human nature before you start that next novel. :) Sometimes I’m really touched by the messages left for me […]

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Legal Issues (An Update, Sort Of*)

When I’m working on an edit, one of the things I’m most conscious of is the possibility that the publisher (who hires me and cuts my check) could end up in a lawsuit or—and this is almost worse—have its name, its book, its author bandied about on the interwebs by interest groups who take issue […]

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