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Mining the Archives for Little Gems (An Update*)

This week I have been working on stripping words out of a manuscript—one or two or three at a time—trying to bring the word count down to where the publisher would like it to be. It’s painstaking work, mentally exhausting, but ultimately rewarding. That’s what I hope you’ll get from my Summer Update Series posts. […]

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Short Saturday: A Linguistic War Between the States

You know I’m fascinated by accents, dialect, colloquialisms, and slang, so when I stumbled on this interesting article, I was all over it. Business Insider says, Regional accents are a major part of what makes American English so interesting as a dialect. It seems Joshua Katz, a PhD student in statistics at North Carolina State […]

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The Manuscript, the Editor, the Thief, and Her Grammar Nazi *

My friend author/editor Ramona Richards has a monthly column over at CFOM** and this month she’s declared she’s a reformed Grammar Nazi. What changed her? She got into publishing. :) That’s right. If you work in publishing you learn very quickly there’s no such thing as a perfect book. Try as we might to make […]

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