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Let’s Talk (Again) About Plagiarism

Me, I’m an editor. And a writer. I’ve been earning a portion of my living as a writer for decades. I’ve been a self-employed editor for more than twelve years. I have a lot of friends who are editors or writers. So when, back in January, Monica Crowley—an author and television personality—was forced to withdraw […]

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Short Saturday: Don’t Worry about Piracy

Are you worried about someone pirating your work and selling it as his own? Plagiarism exists, for real. But I think this article—a guest post on the brilliant Joanna Penn’s website, The Creative Penn—has a great point: The biggest challenge facing a new author isn’t piracy; it’s obscurity. Think about it. Imagine a genie appears […]

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#WordUse Series:
You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

I admit I’m sometimes out of the loop. (Or behind the curve. Or whatever.) I don’t watch television and it’s only me up here in the swanky second-floor office in the pink house with the blue door, so whole fads pass me by. Whole memes pass me by. But I am up on my word usage, kids. And Your […]

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Let Us Now Quote Famous Men

Your Editor spends a lot of time checking facts. Particularly the sorts of facts that can be stated in the form of a question: Really? Are you sure? Did Abraham Lincoln really say that? Because yes, I spend a lot of time researching (ahem) famous quotes. More than I’d like. For example, an author whose […]

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Short Saturday: Watch Those Quotes!

I recently pushed an author to do better with the epigraphs he was using at the beginning of his chapters. Some I couldn’t verify—although I have a sixth sense about veracity, I’ll give any quote the benefit of the doubt until I prove it false—but a few of them were, in fact, well-known fakes. How […]

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Or You Can Be Grateful; The Story You Write, You Live*

I’ve been blogging for more than five years now. Today seemed like a good day to repeat an article I ran on my first Thanksgiving … Most of us labor in obscurity of one type or another. Let’s face it, that star-maker machinery has moved on its rattle-trap tracks right on past. (Thank God.) And […]

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Short Saturday: The Dark Side of Being an Author

I’ve experienced my share of online confrontation, some of it mean, some of it downright nasty. And I’ve commented on those experiences too (“Two Kinds of People,” “Prescriptivist or Descriptivist,” and “Haters, Gotta Love ’Em”). This old world is full of blamers, shamers, and bullies who are quick to criticize (and worse). So when you’re […]

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There Are Two Kinds of People …

You know how the winter wind swirls dead leaves around until a dozen of them end up stuck in a corner by the fence? The Internet is like that. Late last year it swirled two big stories and an advice piece together, and they got stuck in my office. :) The subject of this wedge […]

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A Temporary Change of Plans

Two days ago my computer died intestate. I did all the things the troubleshooting booklet said to do and still couldn’t raise the dead, so I texted I’M SCARED to the brilliant fixit consultant who has taken care of my computer issues for years. He called me immediately. I drove the corpse to him later […]

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Someone Is Wrong on the Internet!* (An Update)

You know, by now, how I feel about getting things right. We’ve talked about … ✱ the importance of getting quotations worded and attributed correctly (“No, You May Not Use Brainyquote.com as Your Source”) ✱ when and how to use footnotes (“Let’s Talk About Notes”) ✱ seeking permission for material you want to quote (“They Say It’s Easier […]

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