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The Invisibles

As you might expect from someone who grew up to be an editor, I am (generally) an orderly person. Everything in its place, organized, methodical, systems, processes, plans … that sort of thing. This includes the way a manuscript looks when I am working on it. I like it to be neat. (Or at least […]

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Time Passages: Chapters, Scenes, and All That Space

There are chapter breaks and then there are … well, I call them hiatus breaks. Some folks call them scene breaks. You know what I’m talking about: you’re reading along and come to some space inserted between one paragraph and the next—smack-dab in the middle of a chapter. Usually it means some time has passed. […]

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Return: Starting a New Paragraph

It’s one of the most basic aspects of writing, isn’t it? Where to start a new paragraph. I don’t mean all the stupid little ones we’re supposed to use in blogs because it’s assumed (though not by me) folks need information broken down into tiny bite-sized pieces due to the fact that they’re stressed and […]

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