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Short Saturday: The Rest of the Story

A little over two years ago I wrote a blog post about a college football star who got a lot of media attention when he was invited to join a book group. It’s a lovely human interest story that I won’t repeat here because you can read it from the link. Additionally, I want to give […]

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Short Saturday: Give That Kid a Book!

I have said this more than once: I learned a lot from reading books. It led directly to my current vocation, for one thing. But before that, for example, it led to my acquisition of an excellent vocabulary and, I believe, my ability to put that vocabulary to work in a written format. So I […]

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Editors as Readers

You will continually be taking chances. There will be readers who want you to kill that ape with the oboe, get the diamonds out of the roast beef, cut ‘myrmecoid’ and ‘sharded.’ (“Don’t say ‘myrmecoid,’ say what it means: ‘antlike.’” I’m not interested in dictionary-definitions, I’m interested in connotations. ‘Myrmecoid industry on the lawn’ conveys […]

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Short Saturday: The Dark Side of Being an Author

I’ve experienced my share of online confrontation, some of it mean, some of it downright nasty. And I’ve commented on those experiences too (“Two Kinds of People,” “Prescriptivist or Descriptivist,” and “Haters, Gotta Love ’Em”). This old world is full of blamers, shamers, and bullies who are quick to criticize (and worse). So when you’re […]

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If You Stop Learning, You Die

In a recent review of the movie about physicist Stephen Hawking (The Theory of Everything), I read a line about his first wife, Jane Wilde, who “eventually earned a PhD in medieval Spanish poetry,” and I thought, Whoa. Medieval. Spanish. Poetry? And then I reminded myself that I, too, have studied obscure topics obsessively. Because […]

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Short Saturday: It’s Not All Bad News

In case—after reading this week’s posts—you think I’m all gloom and doom, I’ve got a treat for you from my friend, author Judy Christie. She recently released her eighth novel, and she’s got something to smile about: readers. When you’re a writer, there’s no one more important. Sure, agents, editors, publishers—they’re important too. But at […]

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The Power of a Good Book

This human interest story was on the national news last week, so you may already know about it, but I think it’s special and has a great message. More than one message, actually. It’s set in the South, from which so many good stories emanate, and it goes like this … Born in Valdosta, Georgia […]

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Short Saturday: Guys Read?

The guys I hang out with certainly do. But parents and teachers (and data) will tell you their boys don’t read much fiction. There are lots of theories about it, but kids’ author Jon Scieszka (rhymes with Fresca)—a former teacher—was in Nashville recently for a signing at the Nashville Public Library, and had this to […]

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The Androgynous Mind (Gender in Fiction 4/4)

When I started looking into the issues of gender—specifically women—in the publishing industry, I was blissfully serene about them. Which is to say, I thought we were past all that. I’m of the generation of women who can remember a time when Harriet Nelson and June Cleaver (pearls and a dress, mopping the floor!) were […]

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It’s Hard to Catch Up When You Start Out Behind (Gender in Fiction 3/4)

I’m still grappling with gender issues in fiction. You’ll have seen I hadn’t even thought about the fact that there was a gender divide until I discovered in a personal way that many men don’t read women authors … perhaps because of a perception that women authors write “women’s fiction,” which seems to mean different […]

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