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#WhatImReadingNow : You Are Now Less Dumb

The Backfire Effect: Wired, The New York Times, Backyard Poultry Magazine—they all do it. Sometimes they screw up and get the facts wrong. Via ink or in photons, a reputable news source takes the time to say “my bad.” If you are in the news business and want to maintain your reputation for accuracy, you […]

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Short Saturday: The Rest of the Story

A little over two years ago I wrote a blog post about a college football star who got a lot of media attention when he was invited to join a book group. It’s a lovely human interest story that I won’t repeat here because you can read it from the link. Additionally, I want to give […]

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My Reading Year 2016

It’s that time again. Man, where did that year go? Ayaan Hirsi Ali / Infidel / NF Jo Ann Beard / In Zanesville / YA Martyn Bedford / Never Ending / YA Geraldine Brooks / March / LF Sheila Connolly / Buried in a Bog / GF (don’t waste your time) Pat Conroy / My […]

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Short Saturday: Creative Storytelling Lessons

I haven’t seen Hamilton, but I know a lot of you are fans—and in this article about the making-of documentary Hamilton’s America, author Charles Wendig offers up storytelling lessons, noting, “there’s nothing more fascinating than watching an interesting creator in the process of creation, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is nothing if not a very interesting creator, […]

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Short Saturday: Fiction = Medicine

Well, well, well. At last (or at least, in 2013). Some smart folks at the University of Gothenburg ran a little study about women on sick leave reading fiction, according to Science Daily. The study shows that the reading relates to an outer, concrete reality and to an inner, more subjectively perceived experience. At a […]

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The Library and the Intellectual Life

An intellectual life often forms in the strangest, most infertile of conditions. The deep forests of those isolated [army] bases became the kingdom that I took ownership of as a child. I followed the minnow-laced streams as they made their cutting way toward the Trent River. Each time in the woods I brought my nature-obsessed […]

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The Unpredictable World of Twenty-First–Century Publishing

This is the unpredictable world of twenty-first–century publishing—a paradoxical place in which more and more Americans each year possess a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing, yet the percentage of American non–book readers has tripled since 1978. According to the CLMP website there are approximately six hundred regularly publishing literary magazines in the […]

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Humbled By the Story

Flannery O’Connor wrote in “The Nature and Aim of Fiction” that most people who write “are more interested in being a writer than in writing. They are interested in seeing their names at the top of something printed, it matters not what.” This, I realized once I’d been kicked in the face with the fact […]

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Compulsive Proofreaders Unite!

During a recent visit to the Florida island where our parents live, my brother and I had dinner with them at a fancy restaurant. As we bent our heads over our menus—all of us, that is, except my father, who can’t see—I realized that our identically rapt expressions had nothing to do with deciding what […]

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Short Saturday: Give That Kid a Book!

I have said this more than once: I learned a lot from reading books. It led directly to my current vocation, for one thing. But before that, for example, it led to my acquisition of an excellent vocabulary and, I believe, my ability to put that vocabulary to work in a written format. So I […]

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