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#WhatImReadingNow: These Old Shades

‘Done!’ said my lady. ‘Oh, Rupert! I lost my big emerald at play last week! I could have cried my eyes out, and Edward could only say that it must be a lesson to me!’ ‘That’s Edward all over,’ nodded Rupert. ‘Don’t I know it!’ ‘No, you do not, tiresome boy! He will give me […]

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That’s Not Writing—It’s Typing

A good friend of mine proofs for a small firm that publishes category romances. Her social media commentary about it is hilarious (and most of it unprintable in a family blog like this one, though recently I learned the word throbbing, among others, is currently out of fashion in the romance novel biz). It’s a […]

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The “Romantic” Regency

The true Regency lasted only nine years. It began on 5 February 1811 when George, Prince of Wales, was officially sworn in as Regent and ended on 31 January 1820 when he was proclaimed King George IV. Yet the term ‘Regency’ is frequently used to describe the period of English history between the years 1780 […]

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Happily Ever After (Romance Part 2)

We’ve just been talking about romance—elements of romance show up in all sorts of fiction, from literary to genre. It’s commonly an important element in women’s fiction—books from authors like Liane Moriarty, Elizabeth Berg, Jane Green, Emily Giffin, Sarah Addison Allen, Jennifer Weiner, and many more—though here you’ll find it as a subplot. As noted, […]

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All You Need Is Love—and a Plot (Romance Part 1)

We all want a little romance in our lives, don’t we? There was a moment in my teens when I realized every single song I loved on the radio was, you know, a love song. In fact, every pop song I knew of—past or present—was, thematically, a version of “She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah).” […]

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Word Count Matters

One of the first manuscripts I turned in as a freelance editor caused a minor panic at the publishing house. “This novel is too long,” the managing editor said in an email. “It’s 90K words. We contracted 75K.” (Let me tell you just how many fifteen thousand words are, kids, in case you have to […]

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How Did This Book Get Published?
(Part 4 of 6)

But wait—there’s more. By page 46, we’re in 1844 Ireland, and that’s where most of the story happens. Or, I should say, the second story. (Here’s the first one.) Because really, this is two completely different stories mashed together in the hopes they would somehow become a novel. And don’t forget, this is on HarperCollins’s […]

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I Have Great Faith in Fiction

What do you think of when someone mentions inspirational/religious* fiction? Wait, wait, I’ll tell you! Romance, historical, Amish, and women’s fiction. I do a lot of work for Christian publishers, and with some exceptions, this is what it’s come to. A few weeks ago, author/blogger Mike Duran wrote a post (“Christian Fiction Is NOT a […]

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Separating the Women from the … Other Women

This topic came up over lunch a few weeks ago, and I begged Ramona Richards * to write it up for a guest post to run during my vacation. This is just what you need to know! Separating the Women from the … Other Women I recently had an author I admire a great deal […]

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Short Saturday: I Saw Three Books Come Sailing In

By now you know my first choice in any gift-giving situation is almost always going to be a book. Even for nonreaders (picture books for toddlers, say; coffee-table books for, you know, those who are capable but choose not to). I’ve written quite a bit about this, and it occurs to me—what with Christmas almost […]

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