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No Snake Oil* For Sale Here

Not long ago a friend in the book biz referred a writer to me. She’d written a YA novel, this writer; when she emailed me, I told her I really enjoy YA, but that I require a synopsis and sample chapters before I decide to put a project on my production schedule. This is stated […]

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Synopsis: An Idea Is Good. A Plan Is Better.

The other day I was corresponding with a writer who’d contacted me though my website. She had a manuscript. And she knew she needed an edit. Edit, though, is too broad a term. People contact me for an edit all the time. Most first-time writers are wise, now, to the idea of hiring an editor, […]

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All You Need Is Love—and a Plot (Romance Part 1)

We all want a little romance in our lives, don’t we? There was a moment in my teens when I realized every single song I loved on the radio was, you know, a love song. In fact, every pop song I knew of—past or present—was, thematically, a version of “She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah).” […]

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Entering the (Writer’s) Lottery

Recently a young writer with whom I’d worked some time before entered a contest that changed her life (I wrote about Natalie here). Her success brought to my attention the phenomenon of the “pitch contest,” in which unagented writers are invited to pitch a manuscript publicly, usually in a blog, sometimes on Twitter. The pitches […]

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No, Actually, That’s Marketing Copy

It’s time we talk about the difference between a synopsis and marketing copy, because I’m sensing some confusion out there. When your editor asks you for a synopsis of your novel, what do you send her? There are lots of good reasons to have a polished synopsis of your story on hand (actually, you should […]

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